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Earth drills – the alternative to the spade

Earth drills are mobile devices used to drill holes into the ground. Typical applications of earth drills are for example:

  • planting of large plants in the area of forestry and landscape gardening
  • fence and gate construction
  • road constructions (for signposts and reflector posts)
  • preparation of spot footing in concrete

These devices are differentiated into those with their own drives and drills to be attached to tractors. There are also earth augers which are operated manually. Common to all drills is the operating principle based on the archimedean screw by which earth is transported upwards. The result after very little time is a circular hole produced with little effort. Roots in the soil up to finger thickness are cut by the edges of the earth drill which again means considerably less effort in comparison with a spade.

Earth drills for tractor attachment

This type of drill is useful for people engaged in agriculture who own a tractor. A performance power of 11 kW (15 PS) is usually sufficient. Earth drills for tractor attachment are particularly suited for hole diameters of 550 mm and depths up to900 mm. Of course, these instruments are also ideal for setting up pasture fences of great length, if this involves insertion of poles into the ground. The drill is driven by the PTO shaft. Mounted on a tractor narrow spaces in the terrain might be a disadvantage.

Self-powered earth drills

In our product assortment you can also find earth drills which have their own motor. Such instruments weigh considerably less than the version meant for tractor mounting and do not depend on drivable access to the location of use. Some models are operated by two persons.An example for such a two-man device is the earthdrill Vertex G250, which has a convincing price performance ratio.

Earth augers

For occasional use, light soils and smaller diameters manual earth augers without motor are the instrument of choice. They facilitate planting of flower bulbs or of smaller shrubs without unduly damaging the turf.

Some instructions for the use of earth drills

One premise for any kind of planting work by means of earth drills is that seedlings need sufficient room for their roots. If in doubt choose a wider drilling diameter as too wide is better than too narrow. Planting with the help of earth drills makes much sense with agricultural soils which often are composed of compacted ground layers. Earth drills help to penetrate these layers. In order to secure good initial growth, the roots of the saplings must be dug in sufficiently deep. This requirement is also easy to achieve when earth drills are used. In the case of clayey, cohesive soils it is advisable to lightly scratch the circumfering walls of the hole otherwise the roots would tend towards a circular growth..

In fence construction earth drills are typically used for pre-drilling holes into which poles are being driven by means of a pile drive ram. If the drilling diameter is too wide the pole will not stick securely in the ground. Choose a smaller diameter if you are in doubt.The more posts are set up the more cost-effective is the application of the earth drill.