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Debarking irons – still much in demand

In modern forestry work debarking irons play only a minor part. Debarking is still common practice but today modern harvesting machines have taken over jobs which had traditionally been performed manually by means of debarking tools. Nevertheless this tool still has its uses. Particularly for smaller amounts of timber, for single logs or for small companies the use of (manual) debarking tools is still economical. Besides, in difficult terrain harvester machines make little sense.

Why do stems have to be debarked?

Felled trees, particularly coniferous trees, are a potential breeding ground for various species of bark beetle.Once infected with bark beetles the timber loses significantly in value. If the bark is removed from the stem, the wood trunk will dry out relatively quickly. Beetle larvae and juvenile beetles thus will not be able to complete their development to become insects able to fly.

The different types of debarking irons

There are various types of debarking iron serving different applications. Here the width of the blade is the most important criterion.

    • large wood requires slim debarking irons (blade width of 10 – 12 cm)
    • medium-sized wood needs blades of 14 cm
    • small-sized wood is best debarked with heavy deparking tools

In our online shop you find well-proven debarking irons by Ochsenkopf. Some of these tools have successcfully passed the KWF test.

For small-sized wood bulged blades can prove advantageous for debarking..

How debarking tools are applied

Successful and ergonomic debarking by means of a debarking iron relies on a number of prerequisites. Apart from the choice of a suitable debarking iron the user should always have working gloves at hand. Complete, plane delimbing is important. Meticulous, thorough limbing of the stem saves a lot of effort in debarking.

The debarking iron itself can be turned about during work, which affects the distance between user, tool and tree. This will make work more ergonomic. If the distances are too big, this will heighten the effort required.

Handles and other accessories

On our online shop you will find matching handles of different lengths for all our models of debarking irons. For better handling and to avoid blisters on your hands we recommend the well-proven rubber grip for this forestry tool.