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Timber Numbering 23 Products
Arbo Tags, Standard
Arbo Tags, Standard
From €149.90

5 available variants

Arbo Tag Nails
Arbo Tag Nails
From €5.95

2 available variants

Signumat Tags for Wood Numbering

Plastic Tags: durable and easyto read

For many years, we have numbering tags from the manufacturer Latschbacher in the assortment. These markers,manufactured by signumat, have proven to be long-lasting and easy toread . We offer you a variety of types of tags to choose from.Latschbacher distinguishes between the forestry and the industrial line. Thelatter are equipped with a barcode and can therefore be read by machine. Thelifetime of the marking tags depends on the solar irradiation, so a generalstatement is not possible.

Tags of the forestry line - The standard layout for a wide range ofapplications

You choose between four types of tags. Number sequence and the text youspecify when ordering. Since these are custom-made products, you will receive anorder confirmation from us in any case. After your approval, the productionstarts at Latschbacher.

article number
forest line "Tg-6wtj"> 35-001

The usual anchoring of these pallets is the wave anchoring (WE) for theimpact in the front wood. In forestry, anchoring with a short pin (KS) is alsopossible. If you choose plastic tags, you can choose between fixed numbers or individual labels with your numbers. Please submit yourbooklet order to us in writing or via the Onlineshop.

Plots of the type 01 are often used with numbers from 0 to 4999. Thedelivery time is clearly shorter for these marking tags. A packaging unitcontains 1000 pcs. , for small quantities, please contact usin advance. Custom-made products are excluded from exchange. Look for specialoffers in the Fundgrube around thetopic of marking and marking tags. For questions, please do not hesitate tocontact us by phone.

For harsh conditions: industrial steel industry

The design and materials of these tags are adapted to the wood processingindustry. Valuable veneer units can be quickly and easily identified withtagging. barcode is smear and abrasion resistant . Kitchens and hardwoods do not affect the plumbing industry. Standardanchoring for these plugs is the shaft anchoring (WE). Other anchors with short(KS) or long pin (LS) are available on request.

Signumat tags for the paper industry

In the papermaking industry, marking labels must be dissolved without anyresidue. Signumat tags & quot; PP< / RTI> (= pulp and paper) fromLatschbacher are made of plastic. Without any additives or dyes. They candissolve as soon as they come into contact with the paper liquor or acid. Onrequest, we can send you certificates from the paper industry.

Arbo Tag - The tag which grows by use

All the tags described so far are usually intended for the marking of lyingtimber. We recommend Latschbacher Arbo Tag . A hammerbeats the tag to its position. Advantage: The tag adapts to the stemgrowth by the stem pushing the tag on the nail to the outside. For thisreason, the nail is not allowed to be driven straigth into the stem.

Therequired items are included in the delivery of the tags. With theaccompanying hammer you reach a height of about 2.5 m. The tags are largelyprotected against unauthorized access. The tags are black or white; As well aswith barcode. A packaging unit of these pallets includes 800 pcs

We recommend the appropriate set of Arbo-Tag pallets. The hammer forArbo Tag differs from the Signumat hammer, an exchange among one another is notpossible. The Arbo-Tag system uses its own magazine with nail pocket and spacefor 200 pallets.

Signumat accessories for Latschbacher marking tags

For Arbo-Tag markers and for platisc tags of the forestry or industrialline, You can order special magazines. With these, you can remove tag fortag, the order remains correct. The removed tag adheres firmly to thehammerhead. With the Signumat-Hammer, you fix the plate with a stroke on thestem. This allows rapid, rational marking of the tapes. The same applies to theArbo-Tag-System.

The delivery time for marking labels is approximatelysix to eight weeks after receipt of order. This period may vary with themanufacturer, depending on the order. We charge a surcharge for small quantitiesand separate numbers. Please contact us if you have any questions.


01 27/14 x 43 Single-row plastic
35-002 02 27 x 43 two-line
Td-class ="tg-6wtj"> two-line with control coupon
35-004 04 35 x 43 / Td>