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Forest planting – the basis of vital and structurally rich forests

Today demands made on the forest are manifold as never before. Next to its classical utilization as the location where ressources for high quality timber products are produced and made ready, forests now also fulfill an equally important protective function for climate, soil and groundwater as well as a recreation function from which human beings benefit. Modern forestry must not only be sustainable, but it must be also multifunctional..

Forest restructuring and change of tree species through planting – start now!

Deforestation or monocultures are anything else but sustainable.Calamities caused by insects, frost damages on cultivated areas or storm damages are only logical consequences of such forest management. The signs of the times are in favour of forest reconstruction, away from mainly coniforous monocultures towards more varied and structurally rich deciduous and mixed forests. Whereever a renewal of the tree stock or a change of tree species is planned there is no way around forest planting. Your plants start off with a growth lead against accompanying or competing vegetation and thus more quickly outgrow the danger of being grazed by our native hoofed game.

Despite all the advances in technology - planting remains a manual job

For successful tree planting and cultivation a number of seedlings between 1.000 and 10.000 pieces / hectare is considered good practice. The planting of such amounts is rather work intensive and is still performed manually. Of course seedlings are not lowered into the ground with such love and care as once depicted on the 50 Pfennig coin.. On the other hand, a planting machine coming to grips with the varied soil conditions of our forests, determining which species to plant and handling the sensitive plants with care has not been invented yet.

Forestry planting with Grube – a promising partnership

We know that reconstructing your forests into deciduous and mixed forests poses one of the biggest challenges for all of you who are managing forestry businesses or operations with sustainability in mind. In spite of economic constraints ergonomic methods of planting must not be neglected. It is important that the sensitive seedlings are set into the soil without deformation of their roots so that they have every chance to grow and constitute a future generation of forest trees.

We are your partner if you are looking for the following:

  • time-saving and efficient, costeffective planting methods
  • ergonomic planting methods to relieve you and your co-workers
  • high-quality tools for every day use
  • a competent partner always ready to assist you in practical details

Do things right from the start

In order to protect your most valuable ressources, the manpower and health of your employees or co-workers, Grube is offering a range of well-proven tools and accessories for manual seed planting.

Within our large range of forestry supplies you will find the following products related to planting

  • planting hoes / angular hoes
  • planting augers
  • Wiedehopf (Hoopoe) hoes
  • Göttingen handlebar planter
  • forestry cultivation hoes
  • carry tubs for container plants
  • These tools and the planting methods associated with them have proven their practicality in over 300 years of sustainable forest management. After more than 70 years of collaboration with practioners such as you we have gained plenty of experience so that we know what is important and what serves you best.

    Grube cares about your success

    In our wide ranging online shop you will find all the tools and accessories you might need for work in the forest. We have everything you need for planting and plant cultivation including soil analysis and soil preparation instruments. And should any of your tool handles break after long years of work: no problem, we can supply you with a spare handle in very short time.

    Browse our online shop and get a picture of your multifarious offer and of the high quality of our products. Please don´t hesitate to call us if you are not sure in your choice of produts. Our highly qualified staff will be pleased to help you.