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Marking chalks for forestry purposes

Marking chalk, also known as forestry chalk, is a sginificant auxiliary tool for forest workers. It servers to mark trees meant for felling as well as for vor labeling cut timber. To protect marking chalks against breaking,it is convenient an practical to use a chalk holder.This protects both hands and workwear from paint smears by the coloured chalk. The best known manufacturer of these writing tools is Lyra. Chalks by Nordforest are equally recommended and you can order your chalks by the dozen or even in a box of 144 pieces (i..e. in gross quantity)..

Marking chalk: with or without wrapping paper?

Usually marking chalks come wrapped in paper. Theoretically theses paper-wrapped chalks do not need a chalk holder would keep your hands free of dirt. In practice wrapped chalks are used with the holder for the reason sketched above. In a typical application i.e. writing on wood the paper wrap can very well stay on the chalk. The sheathing will wear off automatically in contact with the wood. Forestry chalks do not necessarily need a pointed tip. But if required it is easy to sharpen a point with a pocket knife..

Other applications of forestry chalks

Forestry chalks and crayons have many other uses as well, particularly for craftsmen. They provide an uncomplicated way of marking surfaces, whter, stone, wood, metal or rubber.

Forestry chalks with luminescent effect: Luminous marking crayons

There is a kind of specialty product among the forestry chalks: luminous marking crayons. These are only available in orange but have their special uses. This kind of marking chalk can be recognized by laser light. This is important for sawmills and for other industries of timber processing. But even without laser reading devices markings by these crayons have a good visibility.